Paper and envelopes

We use a variety of papers for our cards.

Paper that grows
Special handmade paper impregnated with British wildflower meadow seeds which will grow!
Seeds may include birdsfoot trefoil, black knapweed, black medick, common vetch, meadow buttercup, musk mallow, ox-eye daisy, ribwort plantain, red campion, self heal, white campion, yarrow, browntop bent, red fescue, crested dogstail, meadow fescue and smooth stalk meadow grass.
Thickness Рapproximately 280gsm. NAPM regulated 100% recycled.


Christmas paper that grows
Special handmade paper containing Christmas Tree seeds (which will grow) and Reindeer Poo (which adds fibre to the paper).
Contains the seeds of Norway spruce (Picea abies). The Reindeer Po was collected at a farm in England.
Thickness – approximately 280gsm. NAPM regulated 100% recycled.


Petal paper
Machine made paper in white containing marigold petals and grass cuttings.
Thickness – 280gsm. 100% recycled.


100% recycled board
Natural colours, some naturally flecked.
Thickness – 280gsm – 320gsm.


Gummed diamond flap with a lovely feel and texture in earth tones.
Thickness – 110gsm. 100% recycled.